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Lift ChaireHealth
00:00 / 1:20:33

 "Lift Chair"

This is a good call. Agent was helping caller with getting a lift chair from Medicaid and was able to flip into extra coverage
Enroll MedicareeHealth
00:00 / 1:04:47

 "Enroll into Medicare"

This caller is trying to get on Medicare. Agent was able to help them enroll and get extra coverage.
Medicare Social SecurityeHealth
00:00 / 47:13

 "Medicare and Social Security"

Caller ask on how do you qualify to get money back from your Social Security.
Agent was able to answer questions and get coverage she needed.
Medicaid DisabilityeHealth
00:00 / 1:40:19

 "Medicare Disability"

Customer is on Medicaid disability and wanted to get a colonoscopy. Agent was able to help her and get more coverage.


Thank you for calling Medicare Helpline, my name is (Agent Name). I’m a licensed Medicare specialist, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

It’s a pleasure to meet you. How may I help you?


Agent, listen to the customer’s question.


Then ask for personal information to look up their Medicare profile on the Medicare website.


Do you have both Medicare parts A & B?

What additional plans do you have with that?


Before I continue, I need to let you know that this call may be recorded and/or monitored. You are not required to provide any health-related information; however, if this information is needed to determine your eligibility to enroll and you choose not to provide the requested health information you may not be able to enroll in the plan at this time.



  • Focus on helping caller with their problem.

  • Build trust with the caller

  • By helping callers with their problems and guiding them into extra coverage that will solve their problems.

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